Become a CISLT Member

The only condition for membership shall be to meet the requirements of one of the categories:

Active Membership, The Council of Irish Sign Language Teachers recognises the individual teacher’s level of professional competency and ISL skills as achieved through the following pathway:

A third level teacher training qualification as entry level into the profession of Irish Sign Language teachers e.g. Trinity College Dublin and Bristol University or equivalent.

Student Membership is for individuals who are currently undergoing a recognised third level ISL Teaching programme, such as mentioned above.

Associate Membership is open to individuals who have training in or act in the capacity as communication support, such as, Special Needs Assistants (SNAs), Home Tutors, or equivalent.

There is a nominal membership fee from the 1st January each year. Membership lasts for 12 calendar months, after which a member must renew their membership.

Please submit your full name on the bank transfer and email to form below.

First Name and Surname

AIB, The Plaza, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin
IBAN: IE49AIBK93357068858085

The CISLT committee allow to confirm their membership with relevant organisations as required.